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Tomatohook without twine (High wire hooks)

C&E Draad Bewerking B.V. is specialized in producing tomatohooks (high wire hooks), 18 cm and 22 cm single and with freefall. Hooks are made in high quality steel.


Tomatohooks is a product which we produce millions each year and therefore we are able to supply , you as client, with reasonable short deliveries.

Dispatch of Tomatohooks

These hooks are properly and well packed in strong boxes for transport (export) It is also possible to order a full sea container.

18cm Palet Kaal Groot
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The tomatohooks are delivered around the world.

Dimension Pieces/box Kg/box Boxes/plt Pieces/plt Weight/plt .
Without freefall
1.000 23 48 48.000 1.088 kg
With freefall
750 19 48 36.000 932 kg
Without freefall
960 24 48 46.080 1.172 kg
With freefall
960 26 48 46.080 1.273 kg

Hooks can be winded by us or a winding machine can be purchased.


See here for more information about winded tomatohooks

Whether it's 100 pieces or a few million…
C&E will be able to provide the service and products you need!

Tomatenhaken in formaten 18cm en 22cm


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